Legends Cincinnati http://www.legendscincinnati.com Legends Cincinnati Legends Cincinnati http://www.legendscincinnati.com/pages/blog/entry/24 Fri, 14 Feb 2014 17:58:51 EST http://www.legendscincinnati.com/pages/blog/entry/24 <p>Legends Nightclub is the best place to hold any type of an event: private party, wedding reception, banquet, benefit, corporate gathering, birthday, anniversary, graduation celebration, reunion, or fundraiser.&nbsp; We are located in the heart of Cheviot, Ohio on Harrison Avenue.</p> <p>Light up boards are found in the front windows of the building to help you keep track of upcoming events.&nbsp; You can also stay up to date by checking our website, www.legendscincinnati.com.&nbsp; Follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/legends.cinci.&nbsp; We&rsquo;re also on Google+ and Twitter.</p> <p>There&rsquo;s plenty to see and plenty to do once you&rsquo;re inside.&nbsp; The &ldquo;self-made&rdquo; man is right near the entrance, ready to greet you.&nbsp; He is a life size statue made out of bronze, carving himself out of the &ldquo;stone&rdquo; he&rsquo;s set in.&nbsp; Near the restrooms you&rsquo;ll find the wall of famous mug shots.&nbsp; People have spent over an hour standing in front of that wall trying to name each culprit.&nbsp; Signed pictures line the walls, along with murals, paintings, guitars, movie posters, anything that has to do with the legendary people of the entertainment industry.</p> <p>The bar is host to one of the largest liquor selections in the tri-state area.&nbsp; It is75ft long, has 12 taps, some 30 other bottled beers, wines, spirits, and soft drinks.</p> <p>In the main room, a professional sound system is setup and ready to put on a great show.&nbsp; The lighting system is a perfect complement to the noise.&nbsp; While the music is playing, feel free to head out on the dance floor.&nbsp; There&rsquo;s always someone looking to have a good time out there.</p> <p>If you need a break, head outside to our beer garden where you can have a smoke break or just drink your drink in peace.</p> <p>The month of February is packed fool of great shows.&nbsp; The Tillers, Angela Murphy Band, Remedy Krewe, Bart Walker, Lil&rsquo; Ed and the Blues Imperials</p> http://www.legendscincinnati.com/pages/blog/entry/23 Sat, 30 Nov 2013 20:20:10 EST http://www.legendscincinnati.com/pages/blog/entry/23 <p><span style="color: #000000;"><span style="font-size: small;">From the minute you walk into Legends, you know you are not in Kansas anymore.&nbsp; Located in Cheviot, Ohio, Legends is proud to be the stand out destination for live entertainment on the west side of Cincinnati.&nbsp; With a capacity of 350+ people, we are the perfect spot to hold any variety of private events, including but not limited to birthday parties, anniversaries, wedding receptions, private or special events, reunions, graduation celebrations, benefits or fundraisers, business or corporate events, or any other group gatherings you have organized.</span></span></p> <p><span style="color: #000000; font-size: small;">You can keep up to date with the different happenings by following us on the website, </span><a href="/"><span style="color: #0000ff; font-size: small;">www.legendscincinnati.com</span></a><span style="color: #000000; font-size: small;">, or by checking the list found in the front window.&nbsp; Once you are inside you can stop and say hi to the &ldquo;self-made&rdquo; man, the life-size bronze statue of a man carving himself out of stone.&nbsp; Turn the corner and say hi to your favorite celebrities on the Wall of Mug Shots.&nbsp; Then, as you make your way through the building, you will see plenty of other famous people in photographs or hand painted murals.</span></p> <p><span style="color: #000000; font-size: small;">We are proud to offer the largest liquor selection on the west side of Cincinnati.&nbsp; Our 75-ft bar is lined with &ldquo;old time big money&rdquo; US large notes, and is stocked with nearly any drink you can think of.&nbsp; 12 draft taps and 20 other bottled beers, plus different options in wine, liquor, and spirits make finding something you will like almost a certainty.</span></p> <p><span style="color: #000000; font-size: small;">The main hall is equipped with a professional PA system and lights.&nbsp; There is also a 750 square foot dance floor.&nbsp; Whether you are looking to sit back and marvel at the speedy hands of the best local and national guitarists, or dance along with the swing beats of big jazz bands, you can be sure to find something at Legends.</span></p> <p><span style="color: #000000; font-size: small;">Our groups cover many types of genres: blues, jazz, country, folk, rock, oldies, swing, acoustic, and several others.&nbsp; Come oin in celebrating the new year with a catered dinner and dance party, featuring Swingtime Big Band, for the lowest package price in town.</span></p> http://www.legendscincinnati.com/pages/blog/entry/22 Thu, 17 Oct 2013 12:07:27 EST http://www.legendscincinnati.com/pages/blog/entry/22 <p>October Newsletter</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Looking to organize a private event?&nbsp; Let Legends help.&nbsp; We are located in Cheviot, OH at 3801<br />Harrison Avenue.&nbsp; We offer a tremendous<br />amount of space, both indoor and outdoor, enough for 380 people.&nbsp; Private events of any sort are welcome: birthday<br />party, anniversary, wedding reception, special events, reunions, graduation<br />celebrations, benefits and fundraisers, business or corporate events, or any<br />other group gathering you have organized.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Before you step inside, check out laminated signs in the<br />front window for upcoming shows.&nbsp; These<br />events can also be found on our website.&nbsp;<br />As you walk in, say hello to the self-made man, and then visit our wall<br />of famous mug shots and say hello to your favorite celebrity.&nbsp; There are many other famous pictures to check<br />out throughout the building.&nbsp; We have<br />several hand painted murals, one of which depicts many of your favorite artists<br />from over the years ranging from The Beatles, to B.B. King, to Jimmy Hendrix.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>As far as drinks go, we offer one of the largest liquor<br />selections in the tri-state area.&nbsp; We<br />also have 12 beers on tap and another 20 in bottles.&nbsp; You can also select from several wines and<br />spirits, and if you&rsquo;re the designated driver we have soft drinks and juices to<br />help you out.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The main hall room houses a full size stage, equipped<br />with a professional PA system and lights.&nbsp;<br />There is a large dance floor and plenty of seating and standing area as<br />well.&nbsp; A few steps away is our beer<br />garden where you can catch some fresh air or walk out beer in hand for a little<br />smoke break.&nbsp; Outside you&rsquo;ll find gazebos<br />and other covered space, as well as a scenic fountain.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>This month in October we&rsquo;re featuring music that ranges<br />from country, to party and dance, to blues, to acoustic, to jazz.&nbsp; Follow us on Facebook or our website to stay<br />up to date on the upcoming events.</p> http://www.legendscincinnati.com/pages/blog/entry/21 Mon, 15 Jul 2013 21:47:43 EST http://www.legendscincinnati.com/pages/blog/entry/21 http://www.legendscincinnati.com/pages/blog/entry/20 Fri, 28 Jun 2013 16:46:39 EST http://www.legendscincinnati.com/pages/blog/entry/20